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Concerned about the rise in home invasions? Discover effective ways to safeguard your home and ensure your safety.

Tuesday Feb 13th, 2024


GTA's residential areas are experiencing a concerning rise in home invasions and break-ins, highlighting the need for heightened home security measures. As a real estate broker, we want to ensure our community is well-informed and equipped to safeguard their homes.

Rising Security Concerns:

• A significant increase in home invasions, with a 37% rise this year, emphasizes the need for proactive security measures.

• Break-ins at residential properties have also escalated, with 466 incidents in Toronto this year, up from 339 last year.

Comprehensive Home Security Strategies:

1 Enhanced Door and Window Security: Invest in high-quality, solid exterior doors with deadbolt locks. For sliding doors, use security bars or locks and consider drilling them into the track for added security. Similarly, window locks are a simple yet effective deterrent.

2 Surveillance and Alarm Systems: Visible surveillance cameras can discourage potential intruders. While alarms weren't highlighted in the 2017 study, they can be a valuable addition to your home security system, alerting you and authorities in case of a break-in.

3 Lighting as a Deterrent: Use timer-based indoor lights to create the impression that someone is home, especially during typical working hours. Outdoor lighting with motion sensors can startle intruders and alert you to unexpected movement around your property.

4 Limiting Cover for Intruders: Keep the area around your home’s entrances clear of large bushes or other structures that could provide cover for someone attempting a break-in.

Precautions for When You're Away:

• Social Media Caution: Avoid announcing your travel plans on social media platforms.

• Neighborhood Watch: Have a trusted neighbor park in your driveway and keep an eye on your property.

• Home Maintenance: Arrange for regular maintenance like lawn mowing or snow shoveling to keep the home looking lived-in.

• Mail and Deliveries: Have someone collect your mail or pause deliveries to avoid an accumulation that signals you’re away.

• Automated Home Systems: Utilize automated lighting systems to maintain a lived-in appearance.

Dealing with Potential Intruders:

• In the event of an intrusion, prioritize safety by finding a secure area within the home and contacting emergency services immediately.

• Comply with intruders if faced with a confrontation, prioritizing personal safety over possessions.

Canada’s Self-Defense Laws:

• Canadian law allows for self-defense using reasonable force, varying from case by case.

• Deadly force is generally acceptable only when there is a genuine threat to life and no other reasonable defense options.

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